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400-500 State Street Block Assoc. Updates

Garbage Issue...and Flowers!
By Michelle Itkowitz
Posted: 2023-04-14T17:00:00Z

Alloy and Garbage Issue

We asked David McCarty of Alloy to send us an email expanding on a discussion we had at the last Alloy-Block meeting in March, regarding the issue of the Tower One residential garbage being set out on the curb. Thank you, David for responding. Here is what David wrote:

Yes, as we discussed we have been taking a holistic view on waste reduction and management, since early on in the project.


The goal would be to get DSNY to agree to a containerized pick-up solution, but if they can’t get there, we need to focus on best-in-class operational strategies to reduce waste, divert waste, and make what remains less disruptive to neighbors:

  •  We’ve been working with really great waste management consultant, ThinkZero, to help us on all of these efforts
  • We’re planning for universal compost collection at the residential building; each resident gets a bin for their unit, there are large collection bins in each trash room; removing organics from the waste stream will make trash less smelly, less leaky, and less likely to attract rodents
  • We’re pushing DOE to implement compost collection at the schools; funding for school compost was cut during the pandemic, but has been recently restored, and I’m cautiously optimistic we can get there
  • We’ll pushing to maximize recycling collection by having recycling rooms on each floor, a dedicated recycling chute, and a cardboard bailer
  • We are planning for specialty collection boxes in the cellar (e.g., textile collection binelectronic waste collection bin)
  • In terms of operations, the big questions are where does the trash get set out for collection? when does it get set out? how are we cleaning after it’s been collected? We’re doing a curb extension on State to create space for trash collection.  This keeps the existing width of the sidewalk clear for pedestrians. Trash setout times have recently changed in NYC to limit the amount of time its out there. And we’ve set up for a hose connection on State to allow for washdown.

I know this is an important concern for the Block Association, and like everything else, we’re going to need to work together as the building becomes operational to make it as painless as possible for everyone.

[End of Alloy Email]

The Flowers the Block Planted Last Fall! 

Thank you Sheethal Shobowale and to all who planted! Please keep sending pictures.