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400-500 State Street Block Assoc. Updates

Local Law 152, Alloy Meeting, Trees Planted
By Michelle Itkowitz
Posted: 2021-04-20T20:06:00Z
Local Law 152 Applies to Some of Us

Local Law 152 was first introduced in 2016, requiring periodic inspections of gas piping systems for buildings across New York City. Local Law 152 is further augmented by 1 RCNY § 103-10In preparing this post, I pulled information either directly from the text of the law and rules or from the information page on Local Law 152 posted on the DOB website. Here is the DOB FAQ page on Local Law 152. I noticed, however, several websites created by plumbers that have slightly misleading information.

Local Law 152 would appear to apply to some of us because only buildings in R3 zoning districts are exempt. Use Group R3 includes one and two family buildings. While our ZONING is R-6the USE GROUP of any one or two family home is R-3! Inspections for our CB Dist. are due before December 31, 2021. Even if you building does not contain gas piping, the law requires you to file a form. 

You cannot call just any plumber to perform these inspections. "Inspections of gas piping systems shall be conducted on behalf of the building owner by a licensed master plumber or by an individual under the direct and continuing supervision of a licensed master plumber, with appropriate qualifications as prescribed by department rule [which is complicated and lengthy]."

As per 1 RCNY §103-10: "A building owner who fails to submit a certification required to be submitted pursuant to this section on or before the filing due date specified in such paragraph will be liable for a civil penalty of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), payable to the Department."

If hazardous conditions are found, the conditions must be corrected within a time limit, pursuant to NYC Construction Codes with all applicable permits filed. 

The Block Assoc. Planted Four Trees on April 13!

You may recall that, in the fall, the Block Association, led by the head of our Urban Forestry Committee, hired a professional arborist to procure and plant four new trees on our blocks in empty tree wells. Well those little saplings were planted on April 14!!! We are going to plan a dedication ceremony soon. 

Alloy Update

All Block Association members are welcome to join us at the next Alloy-Block Bi-Monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 27 at 6:00 pm via Zoom. The log in information is on the Block Association calendar. 

The Block Working to Upgrade Our Public Garbage Can Into a High Tech Big Belly!

The Clean Streets Committee has made real progress on the Block's application to sponsor a high tech Big Belly garbage receptacle for the corner of Third and State. Here is an example of one right around the corner from us:

This would obviously be a tremendous upgrade for the corner, that currently looks like this:

These are expensive pieces of equipment, and we are fundraising to make this happen. 

Block Party Permit for Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Block Party Committee has secured a permit for Saturday, September 11, 2021. Hopefully this great event will not be prevented this year by the Pandemic. 

The Block Assoc. will do whatever it can to help the organizers make this year's block party a success - including donating money and forming a party planning committee. Please anyone who wants  to be on this committee let us know.